Hi!  Thank you for stopping by our blog.  We hope that you will become inspired by our crafts to create some projects of your own.  Through this time spent creating our crafts a treasure of memories are also being created.  We are 3 of 5 sisters and I could jest and saw we are the sweetest of the three…. LOL!  In all actuality we are each quite special in our own way.

So, of the three crafting angels, two are very focused and one is not.  I am that one who is not.  Sometimes my craft is beading, sometimes wreath-making, sometimes sewing which is very rare.  One of these crafting dates I would imagine my 2 angels will teach me the art of paper creation.  After all, they do such an excellent job at their craft.  I am also a musician (flutist), wife of a fantastic musician (www.waldonreed.com), music teacher (especially loving the Orff approach), bread baker (einkorn), and lover of essential oils.  If you are interested in delving into essential oils for health reach out to me through my other blog: http://www.celestereed.com  I would love to add you to my family of oilers.

oh, one more thing….I am the pig in our logo. An adorable pig, don’t you think?  😉

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Three sisters sharing their gifts.

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