Bloom Filled Background


Hello from Michigan!  It is a beautiful evening here. Couldn’t ask for a better spring day.  Birds are chirping, sky is clear and the tree buds are starting to come out.  Took my fur baby for a walk today and soaked in some sunshine after work.  Hope everyone else is having beautiful weather.

So as I mentioned in my previous blog I have a bunch of backgrounds and focal stamps that were sitting in a drawer collecting dust.  I would try a new layering stamp and say hey that is cool, I can use this later and put in the drawer.  Next time I was in the craft room it was, ooohhh I have a new turn about stamp I need to try.  Yup, that was a fun background to make and in the drawer it would go to join the others.  It was like a pile of laundry,  it just keeps getting bigger until you finally break down sort it and wash it. (the laundry gets washed not the backgrounds).  It was time.  So I gathered my backgrounds and have been working my way through them.  Above you see some gorgeous layered stamps by Gina K Designs. The one I am focusing on is the “Old Country Rose” stamps. The layered leaves finished card did not get photographed with the others and will have to come later if I circle back around.

IMG_5460 I layered the roses using memento dew drop ink pads. As you can see I chose three shades of purple, orange and green.  I have found some layering stamps difficult to line up but these went together like a dream.  A small sentiment was chosen because I wanted the flowers to stand out and really bloom. Even though the sentiment was small,  I didn’t want it to get lost so I layered the sentiment on matching green cardstock  and put a border around the sentiment itself.  Some ribbon with a double bow to draw the eye to the sentiment.   Everything was layered on green cardstock and a white base.  The finished card is 5×7 which is a bit big for a thank you card.  It will be for someone that I have a lot to thank them for.

Below are close up views of the different cards.


If you look closely you will see I used a white uniball pen to add faux stitching around the card. Unfortunately the  white disappears into the background but it was the only pen I had handy at the time.  I recently bought some Arteza Fineliner Pens, in the future I think I will try using those in a complementary color to add interest.


One last look at the final cards and some of the tools I used.  Two backgrounds down and ready to be mailed. Super excited to get a card completed.  Have a great day and enjoy the spring weather. IMG_5489

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