FINALLY! Using My Backgrounds and Stamped Focal Images.

Hello from Michigan! I am so excited we finally have a sunny day to enjoy. Spring just doesn’t seem to want to come and stay this year. Today is gorgeous and the plan is to get out with my fur baby and wander through some wooded trails and enjoy not having to wear my winter coat.  One never knows this time of year if tomorrow will bring 6 inches of snow, so we have to enjoy it when it is nice. My husband ever optimistic took the snow blower off the tractor already, which means we will get that last large snowstorm.  I keep telling him to leave it on until June.  Even Michigan doesn’t get snow in June, right?

So on my last post, my goal was to do some color challenges and card sketch challenges.  That has not changed.  I am hoping to get a few more completed but in the meantime I thought I would look at some backgrounds I created or focal stamps that I started to color but never finished. As you can see above there are some florals, children, mice and plaids.  These were all experiments with a new product or technique but then a squirrel ran across my path and I was off to something else before they became something complete. I have pulled them out and plan on using them.  Over the next few weeks or longer I hope to bring you the finished cards that these backgrounds will become or have become.  Spoiler alert, I did get a few finished already! Now to find the time to post them. Take care and enjoy the sunshine.

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