Punch Straw “Setting Sun” Wreath Project

A good friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook of a beautiful patriotic wreath she created for her door for the 4th of July.   I, along with many of her friends, exclaimed over it, requesting directions for making one.  Karen shared the information she had and I thought,  “cool, I can do that.”  LOL!  She said she got hers done in a few hours, cutting the squares took the longest.  I must work slow….this took me two days.  Also, I could not find 10″ wreaths so I used a 14″ wreath.  I added  more fabric to compensate for a larger wreath but still did not have enough fabric.   I decided to wrap coordinating strips of fabric and ribbon around part of the wreath.

Although it took some time to make I am pleased with the outcome.  I purchased 5 12″ wreaths (can’t seem to find 10″ around here) and plan to make some more…..maybe season wreaths….   🙂

DSC_1357DSC_1356 DSC_1355 DSC_1348

I ended up switching to a much smaller screwdriver than the one in this photo.  The small screwdriver fit my hand better making the work progress more quickly.DSC_1347



I did not wrap the wreath as this last photo implies.  I had read that wrapping it with duct tape or fabric will help contain the straw but this fabric (the best thing I could find) was too heavy to punch fabric into.  I just left the original plastic covering on the wreath and that seems to suffice.DSC_1346


So I was inspired to attempt another wreath and am not sure I like the results.  I am considering pulling the fabric squares out and starting over.  the concert was a wreath of flowers but I was using fabric I already owned and am not sure I like the results.  What are your thoughts?  Pull them out and start over or finish it up?

DSC_0078 DSC_0080 DSC_0079

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